Foster Road Material Recovery Facility - Recology Portland
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Foster Road Material Recovery Facility

Where to Find Us
  • 6400 SE 101st Ave
  • Portland, OR 97266
  • 503.774.1418
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Our Hours
  • Monday – Friday: 7:00 AM – 4:00 PM
Holiday Schedule
  • Closed on Memorial Day, Independence Day, Thanksgiving, Christmas Day, New Years Day, and Labor Day

Recology Oregon Material Recovery (ROMR) – Foster Road Facility is a fully licensed dry MRF (Material Recovery Facility; pronounced murf) where we accept clean wood and yard debris.

Available Services

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MRF (Recycling Center)

Materials Recovery Facilities serve as an important part of our recycling process. This is where recyclables are sorted and baled by commodity, and then shipped to paper mills, glass plants, and other manufacturers to be made into new products. Some MRFs accept material from the public.