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What you might consider trash, Recology calls resources, just a simple change in perspective. This is why we describe what we do as resource recovery.

Recology implements recycling programs and builds infrastructure at its facilities to recover recyclables and reduce landfill-bound materials. By seeking out and utilizing new technology systems to sort and extract materials, we’re able to provide recycled raw materials such as plastic or aluminum to manufacturers.

The Recology mission represents a fundamental shift from traditional waste management to resource recovery. Our vision at Recology is to create a world without waste by developing and discovering sustainable resource recovery practices that can be implemented globally.

This recovery process is crucial in reducing the impact of waste on our environment.

About Recology Products

After we sort and recover resources from the recycling containers, the next step is finding ideal uses for these materials, or commodities. That means finding manufacturers who commit to using our commodities for the best and highest use – those who are using our commodities to create further recyclable goods that will continue the recycling chain.

We’re always looking to build relationships with like-minded commodities partners and manufacturers. Contact us to find out more about recovering resources together.


The Recology Products Team can assess material to give fair market value to post consumer material, whilst ensuring all material was used to best and highest use.


Waste characterization with a detailed diversion report, brokerage, recycling rebates.
Yes, we are part of a large recycling network.
Recology Products will provide a comprehensive waste characterization and from there a plan will be set in place for all your recycling needs.
Recology Products will provide affordable and efficient options, such as containment, compaction and/or baler.
Recology Products will provide most competitive rebate depending on current demand and market conditions.
Please contact us and upload of a photo, we will help you determine the value of your resource.
Please contact us by calling 707-450-1007 or email

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Please contact Ana Villalobos at 530-740-0435 or email with any questions.

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