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See Where Funds Will be Invested

Zero Waste Tech Improvements

Enhanced Collection Services

Investment in Our People

The Tunnel Avenue facility will undergo a number of facility and operational improvements, including increased capacity and efficiency of the transfer of organics, continued pilot programs that aim to sort and divert current landfill bound material, and the installation of an air purification system to reduce odor impacts on the surrounding community. Single family homes will be encouraged to dispose of less trash through a smaller, 16-gallon landfill bin, while increasing the level of their recycling and composting service.  Similar service level adjustments will be available for multi-family and commercial customers. These adjustments will encourage the increased use of recycling and composting bins, versus the trash. Our drivers, sorters, dispatchers, and safety managers are the heartbeat of our day-to-day operations. We are lucky to employ very talented and specialized people who have lived and worked in San Francisco for decades. To provide consistent, excellent customer service, we first want to take care of our employees by providing competitive pay and benefits.