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Zero Waste Rates

Together, Recology and the City have recovered more material for recycling and composting than we have sent to landfill. Although the City continues to make great strides towards zero waste, approximately 1,100 tons of unprocessed material is sent to the landfill every day.  Much of this material has the potential to be diverted from the landfill and put to better use.

Recology recently submitted a 2017 Refuse Rate Application that outlines a number of necessary changes to our services and material processing infrastructure. To meet California and City recycling and composting mandates, as well as help the City meet its zero waste by 2020 goal, Recology is proposing a rate increase based on the factors outlined below.

Understanding Composting, Recycling, and Trash Rates

The 2017 Refuse Rate Application to upgrade San Francisco’s 16-year-old recycling and composting collections seeks funding for key programs including:

Today, the typical single-family household in San Francisco pays $35.18 a month for weekly collection of three 32-gallon bins – trash, recycling, and compost. This monthly service fee also pays for a host of other collection and disposal services, including bulky item collection and the Household Hazardous Waste Program.

Residential Monthly Collection Rates by City
  City   Residential Rate  Change Date
  Piedmont   $54.49   July 1
  Albany   $41.31   —
  Mill Valley   $41.23   July 1
  Oakland   $41.04   July 1
  Larkspur   $39.35   July 1
  Berkeley   $39.19   July 1
  Sausalito   $39.03   —
  Alameda   $38.68   July 1
  San Jose   $36.83   July 1
  Hercules   $35.62   —
  San Francisco
  $35.18   July 1
  Richmond   $34.35   —
  Hayward   $31.62   March 1
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about proposed rates.

The proposal asks the City to approve the following rate increase schedule for standard residential service:

Date:               Increase:       Monthly rate:
7.1.17               $5.70              $40.88
7.1.18               $1.80              $42.68
7.1.19               $0.00              $42.68
7.1.20               $0.27              $42.95

The proposal also seeks cost of living adjustments directly related to providing trash services based on a City-approved formula.

Recology submitted a draft proposal to the City in December 2016. The formal proposal is now before the SF Public Works, which will hold public hearings in March/April 2017. The SF Rate Payer Advocate and company representatives are attending community meetings to discuss the proposal, including facility and service improvements.


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