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Employee Community

At Recology, we are committed to supporting an inclusive and diverse work environment where employees are valued, heard, and provided development opportunities. As an employee owned company, Recology is proud that 56% of the value of Recology shares are owned by minority and/or women employees.

Recology employee owners come from varying backgrounds, industries, levels of experience, and are demographically diverse. We believe that a wide variety of perspectives and experiences enables people to make better decisions collectively, and in order to achieve success it’s crucial that our employees reflect the diversity of the communities we serve.

Women’s Network

In early 2018, we launched the Recology Women’s Network to GROW, inspire, and support each other to recognize our power, purpose, and voice. Our Women’s Network offers employees an opportunity for mentorship, community, and a platform for sharing ideas about career development. We continue to actively recruit, hire, and develop talented female employees to GROW within Recology and to help Recology GROW.

Operations Manager, Recology Davis

"We have several amazing women at Recology in leadership roles who have driven so many of us to aspire for more."

Waste Zero Specialist, Recology CleanScapes - Seattle

"Explore who you are, own who you are, and Recology will find a path for you to flourish. There is no shortage of diversity or opportunity."

District Manager, Recology Sunset Scavenger

"While working at Recology, I've realized there are no limits - so strive for success."

Director Environmental Compliance, Corporate

"Always look for opportunities to bring value to the organization, and sharpen skills whenever possible."

Customer Service Mgr, Recology Western Oregon

"I think the key to success is to be open to change, and embrace it."

Container Delivery Driver, Recology CleanScapes

"I love working with customers. I am the first person they meet - I get to know them, and they get to know me."