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How to Recycle Your Christmas Tree Image
How to Recycle Your Christmas Tree

Are you wondering where you can recycle your Christmas tree? No problem! You can drop off your tree at any of the locations and dates listed in Placer County’s Christmas Tree Recycling Guide. Remember, you can always compost your tree by cutting it into sections 4 feet or smaller and placing them in your green […]

Rethinking waste: Recology’s methane reduction strategy Image
Rethinking waste: Recology’s methane reduction strategy

Landfills, the third-largest source of methane emissions globally, significantly contribute to the climate crisis. While the waste management industry traditionally relies heavily on landfills, an alternative approach that focuses on resource recovery—diverting material from landfills for recycling into new products or returning to the earth—is paramount in methane reduction. Reuters, Dec. 12, 2023. 

Auburn Light Parade 2023 Image
Auburn Light Parade 2023

Recology Auburn Placer had a great time participating in the Auburn Chamber of Commerce's Festival of Lights Parade on December 2nd to celebrate this year's theme, "Light Up The Season". Our community came together despite the rain to support this timeless tradition! We are honored to have participated in this parade yet again, showcasing our festive Recology truck along the 100 different parade floats and groups.  Thank you to everyone who attended and made this event possible! Happy holidays!

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Commercial Services Image
Commercial Services

Our Waste Zero Team helps businesses apply best management practices in collecting recycling, composting, and landfill materials. Our team will help "right-size" your business needs.

Electronic Waste Image
Electronic Waste

Wondering what to do with e-waste? The State of CA has prohibited electronic waste, such as fluorescent tubes and consumer batteries, from the trash or landfill. Learn where to safely dispose of them.

Waste Zero Legislation Image
Waste Zero Legislation

We work closely with CA legislators to ensure that our shared sustainability goals are made possible. See how AB 1826 will help communities divert more recyclables from landfills.