How can I make organics recycling easier and less messy?

Here are simple ways to make organics collection easy: You can use compostable bags (you can find a list of approved compostable pages at or use paper bags or newspapers to contain the organics. Or you can store the organics in a food container with lid in the freezer or refrigerator. Be sure to set out your green cart weekly for collection.   

Keep a paper bag alongside you in the kitchen while cooking and after the meal. Scrape all your food scraps into the paper bag instead of the trash can and take it out to your organics container during cleanup or dish washing.

Plastic or Paper? Don’t use plastic bags to collect your food scraps because plastic doesn’t compost and contaminates the organics. When you’re at the store ask for “Paper” not “Plastic” for use to collect your food scraps before placing in the green organics container.