How do I sign up for service?

If you live in the Mercer Island area, Recology is your one-stop shop for garbage, recycling, and compost service.

You may sign up for service or change your container size by calling Customer Service at 206.381.6980 or by submitting the appropriate online form below. Existing customers can use this form to change service levels to better fit their needs.

View the residential rates page to see the cart sizes and rates that we offer.

We will process your request and begin your new service within two (2) business days.

Cart Delivery
Your new cart(s) will be delivered the next collection day following your order or the week after, depending on when your request was made.

Cart Removal
If you are changing service levels and your change requires a Recology cart to be removed, set the cart(s) out on your next collection day. The cart(s) will be removed after your materials are collected.

If you have questions please call us at 206.381.6980.