Was my address missed?

If you believe that your trash, recycling or compost was not collected as scheduled, please confirm the following:

        • You have the right service schedule for your address
        • You have not moved to a new address
        • The area where you place your carts is accessible
        • The cart is on the sidewalk at the curb
        • There is no vehicle blocking entry to the driveway
        • There is no debris box blocking access to the carts
        • The lids are closed
        • The bins set out early enough

We recommend that you set bins out the night before your pickup.  Sometimes your garbage will be picked up later due to traffic or route changes.

If we missed your bins, contact our Customer Service team at customerservice@recologySF.com to let us know.  Please include information about which bins were missed.  Example: 32-gallon black or blue bin.