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Green Spring Cleaning Tips

As we welcome the warmer spring weather and continue to practice social distancing, many of us are looking to create more space and order in our homes. To assist in this effort, we have compiled a few environmentally-friendly tips to help you engage in spring cleaning this year.

Use What You Have

Make use of old or unwanted clothes as cleaning rags, and completely skip spray bottles. Reused squirt bottles (like old ketchup or mustard bottles) do a great job distributing bulk cleaning solution on surfaces instead of in the air.

Repurpose What You Would Have Donated

Decluttering is a mainstay of spring cleaning. And yet many donation centers remain closed and we’re asking that you hold onto bulky items to reduce our drivers’ potential exposure to the coronavirus. So what to do with the items you’re looking to part with?

Consider if they have another use in your home. Try this list of handy helpers, or this list of opportunities to transformation old furniture into kid toys and toy storage. Or check out the recycled garden ideas we found on not one, but two lists! (Ideas for DIY storage solutions that can be made from things like cereal boxes are plentiful and can double as fun kid activities. Give yourself a break while your kids decorate that cardboard box with paint or wrapping paper to store all those action figures!)

Sell or Gift What You Don’t Need

What you can’t repurpose, you might be able to sell on Craigslist or Facebook, or offer for free in your local BuyNothing Group. If you have books, personal care items, or non-perishable foods that you want to donate, you can place those items in a local little free pantry or library.

Reduce What’s Coming In

One of the most effective ways to keep your home organized is to stop the influx of items coming into your home. Before your next purchase, ask these ten questions to determine if you really need to bring yet another item into your home.

If you do decide you’re in need of a new item, check out Craigslist, Facebook Marketplace or your local BuyNothing Group to shop without packaging and often at huge discounts. If you choose to order an item online, ask if it can be sent with minimal packaging.

And the next time you order takeout, kindly ask if the establishment can leave out the little extras – like paper napkins, plastic silverware, and single use packages of salsa or soy sauce – that you simply don’t need. Your future self will be grateful when you don’t have to toss them in the trash or in the junk drawer you clean out next year.