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If you can’t reduce, recycle! If you have more materials to recycle than will fit in your cart, put them in a cardboard box (3′ x 3′ x 3′ or smaller) next to your cart. The following materials are accepted in your recycling cart. All containers must be clean and empty. Recyclable Materials List Paper: […]

The shortest answer is that not all materials have an end-market. Remember that recycling is driven by economics – supply and demand. If there is demand by manufacturers for certain products, we will certainly make sure those materials can be used again. However, we’re always looking for solutions for hard-to-recycle items.

If you can’t reduce, recycle! The materials listed HERE are accepted in your recycling cart or bin in Davis and Yolo County. All containers must be free of any liquids or solid food. Recyclable Materials List

Residential customers with large families or who regularly recycle more than can fit in their cart each week, please set your extra recyclables next to your blue cart in paper bags or cardboard boxes and they will be removed on your regular recycling day. Additional collection charges may apply. Residential customers with extra cardboard, please […]

Residential customers with extra recycling may set it out it in a cardboard box or paper bag with their recycle cart. Cardboard must be broken down to a manageable size no greater than 2’x2’x2’. Additional collection charges may apply for material that does not fit into your cart with the lid fully closed. Contact us […]

In San Francisco, recyclable materials include: Glass (including unbroken clear, green and brown glass containers of all shapes and sizes, wine, soda and milk bottles) Paper, cardboard (including empty coffee cups, empty paper milk cartons, office paper, paper bags, soft cover books, phone books, notebooks, envelopes, construction paper, cake mix, cereal and shoe boxes, corrugated cardboard, […]

City and State law prohibit the theft of recyclables. If you see a “thief” taking your recyclables, obtain the vehicle license number, car description, time of the theft, description of the person, direction they were heading and report the theft to the non-emergency Police dispatch office at 415-553-0123. Also, call Sunset Scavenger at (415) 330-1300 or […]

Purchase products in bulk and that are wrapped with minimal and recyclable packaging. Reduce the amount of junk mail you receive. For information on who to contact, go to the SF Environment’s Junk Mail website. Take a free backyard composting class in the community to learn how to turn food waste and yard trimmings into […]

San Franciscans may place the following plastic items in the blue recycling bin: Bottles and bottle caps (OK to leave plastic caps screwed on the bottle) Tubs and lids (i.e., yogurt containers) Cups and lids Clamshells (i.e., “to-go” containers from salad bars and restaurants) Molded packaging Buckets and flowerpots Clean, dry plastic bags inside one […]

If you can’t reduce, recycle! The following materials are accepted in your recycling cart.  All containers must be clean and empty. Recyclable Materials List Paper: Cardboard (flattened) Office paper, including windowed envelopes, color paper, and file folders Mail, magazines, mixed paper Newspaper Paper bags Paper cups Phone books & paperback books Wrapping paper (non-metallic) Paper cartons […]