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Recology San Benito County does provide extra garbage service pickup, upon customer request, at an approved additional charge. Please see Rates for additional garbage (solid waste) cart information. Contact us at 831-636-7500.

Styrofoam is made with petroleum, a non-sustainable and heavily polluting resource. Avoid using or buying products made of Styrofoam if you can, but if you must, there are a few alternatives. Styrofoam peanuts can be dropped off at most shipping and mail houses, such as UPS and Mail Boxes. Call to see if you can […]

Depending on the Recology company, you may need to call in advance of your collection day before our drivers can pick up extra bags of trash that do not fit in your carts. In some areas, there are programs, such as bulky item collections or extra bag tags, that may be available to you. Please […]

Yes, garbage in an overstuffed container will not loosen or fall into the truck when overturned. Compacting garbage too tightly into your container may also cause it to surpass its weight limit. Ordinary garbage produced by daily living will generally be within the container weight limitations.