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Nimah Gobir is an artist and educator based in Oakland, California. Gobir’s work explores how she came to inherit the complexities and nuances of her Black identity from her family. Artworks source her siblings’ and Nigerian-born parents’ memories while honoring their individual experiences and essential humanity. Drawing from personal and autobiographical histories, Gobir imbues paintings […]

Nasim Moghadam, a multidisciplinary installation-based artist, explores discrimination, hyphenated identity, and women’s constraints in her work, crafting narratives inspired by global endeavors for women’s unalienable rights. Meticulously exploring materials symbolizing femininity and societal constraints, she seeks a transformative shift at Recology, allowing materials to guide her creative process and shape the trajectory of her work. […]

Deena Qabazard is a Kuwaiti American interdisciplinary artist. She blends photography, textiles, and dance in installations that experiment with the nature of the body, breath, and mortality. Her experience living alternately between California and Kuwait imbues her work with strange familiarity, accentuates her hyphenated identity, and evokes the body in motion across shifting landscapes. Qabazard’s […]

Kelley Finley is an interdisciplinary artist who primarily works in sculpture, textiles, and performance. She uses labor, talismans, rituals, and locations to both examine and archive the experiences of mixed identity, immigration, racial melancholy, and the female Asian diaspora. These diasporic experiences are venerated and tenderly held within the sculptural, anthropomorphic containers she makes, creating […]

Ron Moultrie Saunders is a photographic artist who creates photograms: photographs that are made without the use of a camera. His work explores story and mythology as a gateway to talk about cultural history, family mythology, and personal identity. For his residency, Saunders will use materials to create alternative process prints that celebrate the stories, […]

Bryan Keith Thomas was born in Dyersburg, Tennessee and received his MFA from the University of Tennessee, Knoxville. Thomas currently resides in Oakland, California, where he works as a Professor of Fine Art within the Painting and Drawing and Critical Ethnic Studies departments at the California College of the Arts in San Francisco, CA. Thomas’ […]

Nicolaus Chaffin is a multidisciplinary artist who enlists materials and production methods that embrace wear, marred surfaces, stains, failure and complete disruption through performative productions and actions. Concerned with examining strategies of queer visibility, labor and communication, Chaffin views his practice as a meditation on the invisible labor of his queer forefolks – those who […]

Michelle “Meng” Nguyen is a Vietnamese American designer, illustrator, and sign painter, born and raised in San Francisco, California. She enjoys working with various mediums and surfaces, welcoming the blend of traditional methods of sign painting with what modern technologies and tools can offer. Her work often involves humor, wordplay, and aspects of her Vietnamese […]

Recology opened the facility, resources, and artistic commission to a wide group of developmentally disabled artists. Resident artists worked with Creativity Explored teaching artists that gathered materials from the Public Reuse and Recycling Area specific to each artists’ interests and approaches to making. Teaching artists then worked closely with residents as advisors and collaborators to […]

Originally from Miami, Florida, I am a multi-faceted creative. In addition to animation, photography, and film, I am interested in incorporating other mediums into my work. While I created these works, I began making JATs (upcycled denim hats). Later, I developed a creative brand known as “/JAT/co” to share these ideas with those around me. […]