Maddy Dubin grew up in rural northern California, scavenging found materials from an early age. Maddy was never able to shake this impulse, and employs the same methods in their art practice today. This practice has provided the catalyst for connection to place, matter, the past, and people. While pursuing a BFA degree at CSU Chico, Maddy explored found sculpture, abstract ceramics, and meditative print-making. After graduating in 2018, they moved to Portland, OR to participate in a year-long emerging artist mentorship at Ash Street Project. Their work then began to embrace alternative methods of installation, collaboration, and performance. While in Portland, Maddy has spent time teaching, managing studios, assisting a wide variety of local artists, and advocating for underrepresented artists. Maddy is currently an integral part of Gather: Make: Shelter, a non-profit organization facilitating collaborative, creative projects with people experiencing houselessness and extreme poverty. Maddy leads art workshops, mentors artists, and organizes exhibitions, receptions and other events through Gather: Make: Shelter. Maddy’s own work has been exhibited extensively on the West Coast, most notably at, Russo Lee Gallery, PDX Contemporary, Ash Street Project, and Pottery Northwest.

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