I often find myself equally if not more interested in the process by which something was made than the thing itself.  The worlds of manufacturing and production are hidden from the eyes and ears of the consumer and because of that the histories of the things that surround us often remain untold.  I use my artistic practice as a means of research to know more and to communicate about those histories as well as the literal and metaphorical dramas that play out within them.

Through research, experimentation, physical and digital fabrication, and installation, I make works of visual fiction about an imagined space of perpetual incompleteness where everything is always in transit, never arriving at its destination, always in production and never truly finished.  While its subject matter shifts with each project, my work is about how and why our conventional experiences, environments, relationships, and understanding come to exist and function – quite literally how they are built.

Residency: April 2017 - August 2017

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