Service Alert – Last updated 1/13/22 3:30 PM

Regularly scheduled collection will resume this week although some services may still be delayed. If any of your carts are not collected this week, Recology will return on your next regularly scheduled collection day. Extra material, equivalent to that which was missed during the service delay, will be collected at this time at no additional charge.  

We apologize for the inconvenience and appreciate your patience as we work to catch up.

If service disruption due to inclement weather has you struggling with finding space for accumulated garbage, recycling, or compost, please see tips below:


      • Double bag extras to place next to your garbage bin on the next service day
      • Store material in a dry location if possible
      • Place extras in personal carts for use on service day
      • Properly sort garbage and ensure food waste and paper towels are in your compost/yard waste bin


      • Place extra recyclables in cardboard boxes and paper bags to be put out next to your recycling bin on service day
      • Store recyclables in a dry location until service resumes
      • Crush cans and break down boxes to decrease volume
      • Tie cardboard boxes together with twine or rope


      • Freeze excess food waste to reduce smell until serviced
      • Store compost in a dry location if possible
      • Pack yard waste into paper bags or wrap with twine and place it next to your compost/yard waste bin