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The Recology Store

The Recology Store is your neighborhood destination where you can Shop, Learn, and Recycle!

Looking for some easy swaps to products you use in your daily life to reduce waste?  We can help!  Curious what changes you can make in your routine to live more sustainably?  Just ask!  Do you have challenging items like Styrofoam, textiles, or household batteries that you want to keep out of the landfill?  We can take them for recycling! 

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Supporting our company mission to create a World Without Waste, The Recology Store offers a wide variety of products that support a zero-waste lifestyle. Whether you’re looking for gifts, housewares, accessories, or a refill station to stock up on cleaning and self-care products, The Recology Store is Rethinking Retail!

The products sold at The Recology Store are mindfully selected and meet at least one of the following criteria:

  • Made from recycled and/or upcycled materials
  • Part of a circular economy, considering their environmental impact from the beginning of their life cycle to the end
  • Designed to replace single-use items with long-lasting alternatives
  • Educational, teaching tips on how to live more sustainably
  • Made locally to our stores in Washington State

All four of our locations also accept hard-to-recycle items for collection, and each store is staffed by a team of recycling experts who can answer questions, offer advice about reducing waste, and provide in-person support for your Recology Customer Service needs.