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Commercial Services

Recology offers a variety of services including recycling, organics, food and debris containers or bins.  Recology also offers outreach and educational materials, including, but not limited to: Multi-Family and Commercial sorting posters, Multi-Family resident Move-in/Move-out guides, food waste brochures, commercial services brochures, etc to assist our Multi-Family and Commercial Customers in maximizing diversion and minimizing contamination. Wondering What Bin it goes in?


Compost services (food scraps) are available to Chico commercial customers.  Commercial customers are now required to recycle food scraps in order to comply with SB 1383. Services offered and pricing depends on service area. Our food waste route currently runs 3 days/week, every Monday, Wednesday, and Friday.  Learn more.

Customers participating in our programs must keep green waste (yard trimmings) separated from food waste, and we do NOT accept food-soiled paper waste at this time. Plastic bags and compostable plastics are NOT allowed in any green bin. Learn more about the food scraps program.


Materials like paper, bottles, cans, aluminum and most plastics (no plastic bags!). Where available, recycling is collected weekly on the same day as your normal refuse collection.  Butte County residents in areas without curbside collection may still bring their recycling and green waste to the Recology Butte Colusa Counties Transfer Station.



What is trash? Not much! Thin plastics (bags and saran wrap), cat litter, ceramics, and broken glass to name a few. Anything that does not go into the recycling or green waste container can be put into the garbage container (except for hazardous waste).

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