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Organics, Recycle, & Garbage

While you’re sorting compostables and recyclables, we’re finding new ways to reuse your materials and reintroduce them to our markets. Whether you’re a business owner, property manager, or resident, we work with you to ensure you receive the services and resources you need to recycle.

Recology Davis provides organics (compost), recyclables, and garbage collection and processing services to Davis and Yolo County residents, businesses, and multi-family properties. A variety of bin sizes and service levels are available based on the needs of the residence or business.  Rates are based on the size and number of the garbage carts needed – composting and recycling services are provided at no extra cost to customers that subscribe to garbage service.

Contact us to start or change your service.

Food scraps, soiled paper, & yard trimmings go in the organics cart.  Place organics in a compostable or paper bag before placing them in your cart. Contact our office to request a kitchen pail. To learn about on-street yard material collection follow the link.

Paper, cardboard, glass, metals (such as aluminum and tin), and hard plastics, go in the recyclables cart. Residents may drop off materials at the Davis Recycling Center 24/7 recycling.

What is trash? Not much! Cat litter, ceramics, thin-film plastics, and broken glass to name a few.  The fewer of these items, the better!
Residents and businesses may also self-haul to the  Yolo County Central Landfill.