Wildlife Resistant Carts - Recology King County: Issaquah
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Wildlife Resistant Carts

Recology King County offers two varieties of wildlife-resistant carts for Issaquah customers. Both cart types are designed to resist bears and other wildlife, but neither is “bear-proof.” We still recommend that you put your cart out on the morning of service by 7 AM, not the night before, and store it inside so that animals cannot get to it. Removing temptation is still the best way to keep bears and other critters away from your home, family, and neighbors.

To request a wildlife-resistant cart please call Recology at 425.837.1234 or email us at – issaquah@recology.com

1. The first wildlife-resistant cart has a latch on the lid. It is easy to open for humans and weighs about the same as a regular cart, making it easy to handle. Only if the cart is turned completely upside down will the lid open. Since most wildlife such as raccoons and bears tip carts over to get at the contents, we think this cart will provide all the protection you need. It is the cart that we recommend you try first.
2. The second wildlife-resistant cart is steel reinforced around the lid. The latch is behind a steel bar. They are less user-friendly as they are harder to open and weigh twice as much as the other variety – and that is before anything is put into them. Children and seniors may have a harder time moving these carts. We only recommend these for customers who have had their carts damaged by aggressive bears. Customers who experience repeated conflicts with bears should report these issues to the WA State Department of Fish and Wildlife by calling 425.775.1311.

Having a wildlife-resistant container is not on its own an effective way to prevent bears and other wildlife from getting into your cart. They are, after all, coming after the food scraps and food-soiled paper you throw away. Below are some bear smart tips that the state recommends you follow, whether you have standard carts or wildlife-resistant carts.