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Your Three Carts

While you’re sorting your compost and recycling, we’re finding new ways to reuse your materials. Whether you are a business owner, property manager, or resident, we work with you to tailor recycling, composting, and landfill programs based on your needs

View the Montara Service Brochure and El Granada Service Guide.


What is trash? Not much! Thin plastics (bags and saran wrap), cat litter, ceramics, broken glass to name a few. If you have extra garbage that don’t fit in your carts, give us a call to purchase Extra Bag Tags.


Paper, bottles, cans, and most plastics (no plastic bags!), aluminum, cardboard, and other rinsed materials may be tossed in your recycling cart.


Grass, weeds, branches, and plants go in the green waste bin. Please do not place plastic or compostable bags in the green bin. Each resident is allowed 1-96 gallon Recology cart, along with 1 additional 32 gallon can every other week per collection. The green waste schedule is included in your annual brochure.

Set up or change service

accepted items at the Recology of the Coast Recycling Yard

Americans with Disabilities Act
Disabled residents (pursuant to Americans with Disabilities Act) who are unable to place their containers at the curb have the option of placing their containers beside their home, visible from curbside. Contact us to find out more about this program.


The size of your garbage cart determines your monthly collection rate – the less garbage you generate, the smaller your garbage cart and your bill. We offer 20, 32, and 64, 96-gallon carts. Please contact us for detailed rate information.

Place containers at the curb by 5 AM on your regular service day, and remove them from the curb no later than 6 PM

Lifeline Rates
Low-income households may be eligible for a discount for services. Qualification depends on household size and total annual income. If you use a 32-gallon garbage cart and satisfy the requirements for the PG&E CARE Program, you may qualify for the Life Line Low-Income discount. Please refer to the chart below.

# Persons in
Household Annual Income

1-2 $32,040 or less

3 $40,320 or less

4 $48,600 or less

5 $56,880 or less

6 $65,160 or less

7 $73,460 or less

8 $81,780 or less

If you meet the requirements above, please bring in or mail a copy of your PG&E bill to our office.