Your Recycling Bin - Recology South Bay: City of Santa Clara
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Your Recycling Bin

We provide residential recycling services to residents and multi-family properties in the City of Santa Clara.  Our Single-Stream Recycling Program allows you to combine bottles, cans, mixed paper, newspaper and cardboard together in your current recycling cart or bin.



Paper, bottles, cans, and all plastics, with or without symbols #1-#7, including flower pots,
buckets and party cups. Bubble wrap, plastic bags and film plastic.
Set up or change service

Americans with Disabilities Act
Disabled residents (pursuant to Americans with Disabilities Act) who are unable to place their containers at the curb

have the option of placing their containers beside their home, visible from curbside. Please let us know.


Volume Dimensions
64-gallon 31.75″    24.25″    41.75″
64-gallon 31.75″    24.25″    41.75″
96-gallon 35.25″    29.75″    43.25″
1.5-cubic yards 3′   7′   4′
2-cubic yards 4′   7′   5′
3-cubic yards 4′   7′   5′
4-cubic yards 5′   7′   5′
6-cubic yards 6′   7′   5′
8-cubic yards 6′   7′  8′


Please contact us for detailed rate information.