I’m a Bay Area native interested in art and design. From a young age, I was intrigued with seemingly incongruous components coming together in complex arrangements. In fact, picking through recycling for odds and ends to hot glue and tape together was a hobby of mine from second grade onwards, so in many ways, it’s fitting that I’ve ended up with Recology this summer. 

Since the beginning of high school, I’ve been interested in product and industrial design as a creative outlet. I was often looking at how things were made, and how they were designed with certain elements in mind, so it made sense to start making my own projects. Additionally, while I’ve made some jewelry since kindergarten, I’ve started enjoying more formal metalwork and jewelry at college. Part of the beauty of jewelry is that with a piece so small, the artists needs to be exact and intentional with every design choice. There’s no room for a superfluous curve or un-thought-about hole in a jewelry piece, unless you understand how it works in relation to the rest of the piece.

 In my work with Recology, I’m hoping to bring that same level of detail and care to a larger piece, and perhaps one with functional, and not just aesthetic, purpose. I believe this will be the greatest challenge associated with this project, but I’m super excited to jump right in!

Residency: June 2019 - August 2019
Art Exhibition: Friday, September 20  &  Saturday, September 21  &  Tuesday, September 24

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