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03/06/2024 X: The City of Irving Community Television Network Reclaimed: The Art of Recology at the Irving (Texas) Archives and Museum.
10/15/2023 Center for Sustainable Practice in the Arts Compost Samples from the Recology Artist in Residence Program.
10/12/2023 Illustrated Journalism Scavenging for Stories by Bill Russell
07/23/2023 Travel Wisconsin Reclaimed: The Art of Recology
06/23/2023 Channel 12 News Wausau, WI New art exhibit in Wausau showcases the art of Recology
07/09/2022 Mercury News A new exhibit lets you party at the dump like it’s 1999
04/21/2022 San Francisco Bay Times Recology AIR Program Promotes Artists, Recycling, and Reuse
04/14/2022 SFGovTV San Francisco Green City – Reducing Plastics
09/03/2021 48hills Infinite possibilities from trash in ‘Reclaimed: The Art Of Recology’
07/28/2021 Mercury News Beauty from trash in Walnut Creek
07/22/2021 Squarecylinder The Art of Recology @ Bedford Gallery
06/28/2021 East Bay Times Art Gallery Showing Recology
06/01/2021 issuu Reclaimed: The Art of Recology at the Bedford
08/24/2020 Bank of the West – Means and Matters The Art of Recology
02/25/2020 Golden Gate XPress From Trash Bins to Art Displays
01/24/2020 SF State News Artist Explores Spiritual Themes in Recology Residency
01/15/2020 Waste360 The Recology AIR Program Celebrates 30 Years of Promoting Reuse
12/30/2019 SF/ARTS Gallery Highlights: Art/Community/Sustainability
08/13/2019 KQED How Artists Transformed SF’s Trash into an Audacious Runway Show
05/21/2019 PBS NewsHour This San Francisco art exhibit takes another look at trash
01/31/2019 San Francisco Chronicle What I learned about art…at SF’s unofficial art week
01/17/2019 San Francisco Chronicle Finding art at the dump: Recology AIR highlights treasured trash
01/08/2019 7 X 7 Winter Arts Preview: 16 Bay Area Exhibitions
12/13/2018 KQED The Bay Area’s Best Visual Art of 2018
10/30/2018 The Bayspective Restless, Repurposed and Recycled
10/08/2018 SF Gate Artist Trio Created 36 Outfits Found at the Public Dump
08/28/2018 KQED Break up Bay Area Monotony with a Bevy of Visual Art
08/27/2018 The New Yorker Why Artists Need Oddball Residencies
08/12/2018 Culture Trip Neil Mendoza Animates Discarded Objects to Make “Pretty Rubbish”
05/06/2018 Resource Recycling Materials for a Masterpiece
03/12/2018 DC Metro Theater Arts Junkestra at the Kennedy Center
02/02/2018 The Santa Clara Senior Gets Artsy at Recology San Francisco
01/28/2018 Daily Californian Picks of the Week- Art Show at Recology
01/26/2018 The Three Tomatoes SF Life: Art at the Dump
01/25/2018 KALW Ramekin O’Arwisters: Sights & Sounds. Recology AIR Program
01/25/2018 The Ark Recology’s Artists-in-Residence Turn Other People’s Trash into Art
01/24/2018 Marin Magazine Recology AIR Exhibition Reception
01/17/2018 Waste 360 AIR Program Inspires and Encourages Greater Conservation
11/01/2017 Philosophy Talks-KALW Philosophy of Trash
10/25/2017 Waste 360 NWRA Announces 2017 Award Winners – Best Education Program
10/25/2017 Recycling Today NWRA Recognizes Best in Recycling – Recology Best Education Program
09/20/2017 Dissolve The Dissolve Blog with Artist Cathy Lu at Recology
09/20/2017 Dissolve The Dissolve Blog with Artist Erik Scollon at Recology
09/20/2017 SFBay Artists Create Works of Art from San Francisco Trash
09/13/2017 China Daily Artist Explores Identity through Recyclable Trash
06/22/2017 SF State News Recent Grad Spins Trash into Art during Recology Residency
05/18/2017 KQED Your Trash is Treasure for Three Artists at Recology
05/18/2017 CNET From garbage to gallery: How artists mine your junk
05/18/2017 Broke-Ass Stuart Turning SF Garbage into Electronic Art
05/05/2017 Berkeley Science Review Getting to 100%
03/31/2017 Peninsula Press Artists Create Art and Community at the Dump
01/17/2017 SF Station Recycle, Reuse, Create
01/09/2017 Waste360 Trash Meets Art with Recology’s Artist in Residence Program
01/01/2017 SF Arts Monthly / NYT Insert Artists Mine Trash for Treasure
12/26/2016 SF Arts Monthly Photography and Video Retrospective 
12/22/2016 Bay Area Reporter Transforming Refuse into Art
11/04/2016 Marin Magazine Waste Not, The Art of Recology
08/02/2016 Diversions LA Waste Not, Want Not: The Loft at Liz’s Diverted Destruction
07/22/2016 SF Business Times From Trash to Treasure
06/27/2016 Ripple Making Masterpieces from Recycled Materials in SF
05/25/2016 Art Practical Kate Rhoades-Labyrinth of Discarded Materials at Recology
05/23/2016 Artsy 11 of the World’s Most Unusual Artist Residencies
05/20/2016 Art Business Recology 
05/05/2016 KPFA Radio Apex Express with Weston Teruya Art Practice 
05/02/2016 KQED Artful Dodger, Maximize your May with Visual Art
04/24/2016 Colossal Reclaimed Wood Installation Sourced from the SF Dump
04/22/2016 Daily Astorian Local Artists Invited to Work with Recycled Material
03/18/2016 Atlas Obscura See What Artists-in-Residence at a Trash Dump Create
03/11/2016 San Francisco Chronicle Object Lessons in Trash at Contemporary Jewish Museum
02/22/2016 Fusion You may have just thrown away a valuable piece of art
02/09/2016 Art Practical Recology SF Artist in Residence Exhibitions 
02/02/2016 KQED Making Art out of e-Waste with Robb Godshaw
01/31/2016 Art Business Recology and Arts Commission
01/25/2016 GOOD Magazine Turning Scavenged Waste into Multimedia Art
01/21/2016 KTVU Channel 2 From Trash to Treasure – Part 2
01/19/2016 SF Station Recycle, Reuse, CREATE: Recology Residency Program
01/18/2016 Visual Arts News Desk The Bureau of Suspended Objects  at Contemporary Jewish Museum
01/12/2016 KTVU Channel 2 From Trash to Treasure
01/11/2016 Napa Valley Register From dump to gallery: Exhibition highlights trash turned art
01/11/2016 The Potrero View Recology Artists Find Treasure in Others’ Trash
12/11/2015 The Lamron Found artist traces origins of trash
12/02/2015 Macy’s Green Living Blog Recology and the Art of Upcycling
11/19/2015 Grist Each piece of garbage has a story. This artist traces it
09/26/2015 Art Business Recology AIR
09/17/2015 MissionMission Go see some trash art this weekend-Jenny Odell
09/01/2015 KQED Instead of Changing Leaves, Peep Eight Bay Area Art Shows
08/13/2015 SF Gate 25 Years of Turning Garbage into Art
08/01/2015 SF Arts Monthly Make Art, Not Landfill 
07/02/2015 Tides Blog Recology AIR Program Turns Landfill into Art at Tides Thoreau Center
06/18/2015 KQED Chinese-Born Artist Ma Li Makes Treasure from Trash
06/09/2015 Citi io – Cities, Technology, People Where Garbage is Not
06/01/2015 Art Business Recology Artist in Residence Program 
05/28/2015 Envirothinks How Landfill Waste Inspired a Symphony
05/27/2015 Envirothinks Make Art Not Landfill–Recology Celebrates 25
05/05/2015 Broke Ass Stuart An Artist You Should Know: Ma Li
05/04/2015 SF Arts Monthly Gallery Highlights
05/04/2015 SF Arts Monthly Gathering Among Stars with Ma Li
05/01/2015 Asian Art Museum Newsletter Gathering Among Stars with Ma Li
05/01/2015 Asian Art Museum Magazine The Hidden Parts of Everyday Life
04/09/2015 Voice of America San Francisco Artists Make Art from Trash
04/09/2015 SFist Artists use SF’s recyclables to Make Pretty Things
03/03/2015 Golden Gate Express One Man’s Trash is an Opportunity for Professor to Create Art
02/23/2015 CityLab One City’s Trash is Artistic Treasure
02/15/2015 Art Business Recology Artist in Residence Program
02/04/2015 SF State News Artists New Project: Create treasure from trash
01/27/2015 SF Weekly Kings and Queens of the Heap
01/25/2015 Art Enthusiast Recology Artists: Kara Maria, Imin Yeh, Matthew Goldberg
01/01/2015 PopFront Art Made of Trash is Anything but Trashy
09/22/2014 Art Nerd San Francisco New Works at Recology San Francisco
07/14/2014 Shipping Wars Hummers and Bummers
06/03/2014 Art Enthusiast Recology Exhibitions: Matthew Gottschalk, Jamil Hellu and Claire Lynch
05/25/2014 Balisle Blog Pretty Trashy
05/21/2014 Business Council on Climate Change Inside Recology’s Artist in Residence Program
05/14/2014 SF Weekly Reclamined Aesthetics
05/11/2014 Radio France San Francisco et le recyclage artistique
05/01/2014 Stanford Arts Review Trash Talk — an interview with Claire Lynch
02/05/2014 Art Enthusiast Recology Artist in Residence Exhibition 2014
01/26/2014 Art Business Recology Modern Ruins
01/25/2014 Square Cylinder Stephanie Syjuco and Yulia Pinkusevich at Recology
01/24/2014 Environthink Recology Exhibition for artists who promote reuse
01/24/2014 SFGate Blog The Bay Area Lesser Known Delights – mention
01/13/2014 San Francisco Chronicle Terry Berlier’s pieces encircle social, ecological, musical
11/08/2013 The Columbian – Vancouver, WA San Francisco Artists Turn Trash-Dump Finds into Treasures
11/07/2013 Gulf Times – Qatar San Francisco Artists Turn Trash-Dump Finds into Treasures
10/20/2013 Sacramento Bee San Francisco artists turn trash-dump finds into art
09/22/2013 San Francisco Chronicle Haitian artists’ talents go to waste in creations made of S.F.’s discards
08/16/2013 KQED Recology Artists Find their Muse in Discarded Materials
07/18/2013 Fast Company coexist What Happens When You Let Artists Play with San Francisco’s Trash
07/18/2013 Oxford Journals Materials Reimagined: An Interview with Julia Goodman
07/16/2013 YouPhil Et si payait des artistes pour recycler nos dechets?
07/13/2013 Grist This San Francisco dump pays artists to play with its trash
07/02/2013 SinoVision Net Art at Recology
07/02/2013 Zennie62 Art at Recology
06/27/2013 Gudor Goes Green There is a Stryofoam Hummer at SFO
06/24/2013 Envirothink SFO’s latest Art Exhibit — art made from garbage
05/27/2013 Finding Away Trash Blog Art as a Resource Recovery
05/17/2013 Asterisk San Francisco The Art of Scott Kildall
04/23/2013 NBC News Junkyard Trash Turns to Art
04/02/2013 Apartment Therapy Rag Sorters + Textile Recycling
03/12/2013 Travel and Tour Europe The Art of Recology
02/07/2013 The Aphorists Episode 8
01/25/2013 Art Business Recology (The Dump)
01/25/2013 Pollutions Solutions Waste turned into art
01/24/2013 San Francisco Chronicle: 96 Hours Art at the Dump: Reception for artist-in-residence work
01/24/2013 In the Air Art News and Gossip San Francisco’s Waste Company has an Artist in Residence Program
01/07/2013 Faircompanies Trash Remade as Art and Tiny Shelters
01/02/2013 Artsource To Do List  
12/28/2012 Hey Miss K Blog Feel Good Friday – Recology
10/15/2012 Sierra Club Green Home One Man’s Trash is Another Man’s Art
10/12/2012 Brookmead English Language Teaching Garbage to Art
10/04/2012 Stanford Report Stanford artist Terry Berlier make art from trash
09/19/2012 San Francisco Chronicle Bay Area Weekend Picks
09/17/2012 Stanford’s Institute for Gender Research Stanford artist transforms landfill waste into works of art
09/12/2012 SF Weekly New Life for Old Garbage
08/27/2012 Paper Radio Issue #2: Trash Turning Trash into Treasure at Recology San Francisco
08/17/2012 San Francisco Chronicle Catharine Clark exhibition
08/03/2012 Fumcgreen’s Blog More about Garbology
05/27/2012 art – icons – comics Karrie Hovey – Recology Artist in Residence
05/17/2012 San Francisco Chronicle: 96 Hours Karrie Hovey: Groundcover’ exhibition at Recology
05/02/2012 CCA newsletter CCA Faculty Barbara Holmes-New Work at SOMA Residencies
04/23/2012 Untapped Cities San Francisco’s Utopic Dump: Visual Artists Remake City’s Trash into Treasure
04/18/2012 Peninsula Press Stanford student raises pollution awareness through art
03/22/2012 Blouinartinfo A Guide to 20 Adventurous, Offbeat, Or Otherwise Outrageous Artist Residencies
03/01/2012 Stanford Magazine The Garbage Artist
02/07/2012 Kristen Baumlier Recology San Francisco: Artists in Residents at the City Dump
01/29/2012 Art Business Incline-Dump-Park Life
01/22/2012 The Daily Californian San Francisco Recycling Center Hosts Sustainable Art Exhibit
01/21/2012 Sierra Club Green Home Trashy Art: SF Artists Get Creative at the Dump
01/21/2012 SFMOMA Open Space Blog Inventive Re-Use
01/01/2012 WEAD Nexus for Art and Environmental Activism: Recology S.F./a>
09/21/2011 SF Weekly Trash and Treasure Become One at Recology’s Artist in Residence Exhibitions
07/13/2011 Rebuilding Together San Francisco Blog The Dump is Awesome. Here’s Why You Should Go…
06/04/2011 San Francisco Chronicle SF Dump’s Scott Kildall Creates Vision of 2049
05/20/2011 Extero/Interoceptive Blog Live Transmission by Scott Kildall
05/18/2011 7×7 Art at the Dump Exhibit Turns Trash Into Treasure
05/18/2011 NBC Bay Area Turning Trash into Art
05/09/2011 California College of the Arts Seeking Epiphany: Writing Student Alex Nichols – SF Dump Residency
03/14/2011 SF Weekly Art from the Trash: Niki Ulehla, Scott Kildall, and Bulk Garbage Night
01/23/2011 The Daily Californian Local Artist Finds Inspiration in Trash
01/22/2011 Warholian Ferris Plock, Suzanne Husky – Hunt and Gather @ Recology AIR Program
01/21/2011 Hi Fructose Ferris Plock’s Hunt and Gather
01/20/2011 San Francisco Chronicle: 96 Hours SF Dump Artist in Residence Exhibition
01/20/2011 Marin Indepdent Journal San Rafael artist creates portraits at San Francisco’s dump, Recology
01/18/2011 Fecalface Ferris Plock is at the Dump-Part 3
01/18/2011 Fecalface Ferris Plock is at the Dump-Part 2
01/12/2011 SF Weekly Recycle, Reuse, Sculpt, Paint, Draw
01/01/2011 Glance – CCA Community CCA Alumni and Faculty Make Art at the Dump
12/07/2010 Fecal Face Ferris Plock is at the Dump-Part 1
11/11/2010 Fecal Face Ferris Plock is at the Dump-Part 1
10/08/2010 AP Press Dumpster Divas Practice Art of Recycling
10/01/2010 SF Gate Art and Culture Blog Last Chance for Something from Nothing
09/09/2010 San Francisco Chronicle Don’t Miss Recycled Re-Mix
08/18/2010 SF Weekly Garbage Gallery: At Recology, Turning Trash into Treasure
07/22/2010 San Francisco Chronicle: 96 Hours Art at the Dump: From Trash to Art
07/21/2010 San Francisco Bay Guardian Trashy art: Recology’s 20 years of shoving artists into heaps
07/16/2010 SFist To the Dump, to the Dump, to the Dump Dump Dump
07/16/2010 7×7 Online Art At the Dump: Way More Awesome Than It Sounds
07/10/2010 Apartment Therapy Junk to Gems: Artist Erik Otto’s Recycled Work
06/01/2010 Art Business Josh Short, Ben Burke, and Henri Marie-Rose.
05/13/2010 San Francisco Appeal Art at the Dump? Why Not?
05/11/2010 FlashNews People Dump the Darndest Things
05/01/2010 Asterick San Francisco Magazine Art at Recology San Francisco
04/28/2010 CNET Junkestra Symphony is Pure Garbage
02/25/2010 The Mercury News/Pacifica Tribune Sanchez Art Center focuses on social issues
01/26/2010 Fecal Face Erik Otto & Christina Mazza @ The Dump
01/23/2010 Engineer’s Daughter Art at the Dump
01/21/2010 Tikkun Daily One City’s Trash: Artists in Residency at the San Francisco Dump
01/21/2010 San Francisco Chronicle Don’t Miss: Art at the Dump
11/10/2009 Voice of America News Works of Art Created From A Dump in San Francisco
10/28/2009 The Bold Italic Getting Trashed
10/18/2009 San Francisco Chronicle Dump Treasure
10/01/2009 Art Practical Systemic Obsolecence
01/01/2009 KQED Gallery Crawl The Gleaners
09/22/2008 National Public Radio (NPR) In San Francisco, Making Art At The Dump
09/18/2008 20 Minutes Recycler des dechets savere rentable et ecolo
09/01/2008 The Globe and Mail Canada 18 Hours in San Francisco
08/26/2008 San Francisco Bay Guardian Kimberly Chun Picks: “Vizzy with the Possibilities”
08/20/2008 The Culture of Collaboration Community Collaboration and Recycling San Francsico Style
05/22/2008 Herald Tribune Study in Styrofoam
04/01/2008 Travel and Leisure Designed for Living
01/23/2008 SF Weekly Art Dump
11/20/2007 Sierra Club The Sound of Salvage
11/14/2007 SF Weekly Junkyard Symphony
11/11/2007 San Francisco Chronicle: Datebook Garbage In, Music Out
11/11/2007 Sean Markey Smithsonian Blog The Maestro of Junk
10/21/2007 San Francisco Chronicle Junk Orchestra Will Spotlight Recycling
07/01/2007 American Recycler San Francisco Garbage Art Uses Discarded Styrofoam
05/25/2007 San Francisco Chronicle Play That Junky Music
01/29/2007 C/NET Recycling e-waste into Modern Art 
11/02/2006 Waste Age Trashy Fashion
01/27/2006 San Francisco Chronicle Artist reminds us: junk mail grows from trees
01/15/2006 San Francisco Chronicle: Datebook Hearts and Brains
12/23/2005 San Francisco Chronicle Garbage in, art out: treasure in the hands of recycling artists
11/01/2005 Sierra Magazine Think Outside the Bin
08/01/2005 Paste Magazine Culture Section: Garbage in SF
07/22/2005 San Francisco Chronicle No Gas Guzzling for this Hummer–it’s Styrofoam
02/01/2005 Bio Cycle Garbage Becomes Visual Resource in Bay Area
01/26/2005 New York Times A Makeover For Trash: Now, It’s Art
03/01/2003 Waste Age Magazine Creative Wonder: Artists find treasures at transfer station
05/24/2002 Stanford Daily Newspaper Garbage Artists are Anything but Trashy