My work champions faith against the odds.  Earnest, effortful, and sometimes absurd, it is vital to building the humane world I want to live in.  This resolve to lavishly picture what else might be possible is usually constrained by doubt. This reflects my precarious experience as a human, always stretched between my limits and my longing. 

As a child, suspending disbelief came readily, and I understood that the world was charmed.  Remembering this has become difficult as an adult. Moments of mysticism can seem insignificant next to the violence of human greed.  Yet when I can slow down and pay attention, I’m moved by the particularity, intelligence and vulnerability of each living thing.  

 My installations, videos, objects and drawings are attempts to bolster my own conviction or uncover traces of enchantment, humor, or tenderness. These works include: 

 Off- scale reconstructions of people’s lost luck charms.  

 A motivational video that presents me at middle age, in sequined spandex, performing a flag routine to an emasculated marching band arrangement of the Journey song, Don’t Stop Believin’. 

A stop-motion animation where a string of pennant flags starts a chorus line in time to a game show theme song, but loops and loops until its enthusiastic promise grows empty. 

A monumental “wonderland”  — part store display, part collapsing city- constructed from huge quantities of packaging material and plastic parts pulled from the trash. 

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Residency: October 2017 - January 2018
Art Exhibition: Friday, January 26  &  Saturday, January 27  &  Tuesday, January 30

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