Bhumikorn Kongtaveelert (he/him) is an artist working in painting, immersive installation, and system thinking. By examining personal family archives and cultural objects related to post-natural disaster recovery, he searches for futurities through intergenerational resilience and examines failures in the current political theory. Kongtaveelert’s meditation on collective memory imbued in objects and commodities reflects his hopes for art that fosters regenerative and contemplative time: to find better ways to grieve the precarity of climate uncertainties and imagine new ways of existing in community. Presently, Kongtaveelert is interested in climate migration and neocolonial impacts of production and climate technology on Thailand and the broader Southeast Asia, and contrast between the mobility of goods and the immobility of labour behind them.

Kongtaveelert is currently pursuing Computer Science and Art Practice at Stanford. Outside of class, he engages in computational research related to greenhouse gas emissions from rice cultivation in the Terrestrial Carbon Cycle Lab; he works with a youth-led international mentorship program for Southeast Asian students, “Southeast Asia Exchange,” to facilitate panels on Climate Migration and Traditions and Modernism in Southeast Asian art. Kongtaveelert was a 2022 and 2023 recipient of Stanford’s Institute for Diversity in the Arts (IDA) fellowship and previously exhibited at Stanford Art Gallery and Et al.

Residency: October 2024 - January 2024

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