My own life’s story compels me to find value in everyday, discarded objects. These items may be discarded by humans or by nature.  I intuitively respond to the line, texture and composition of each object and disregard its purpose or function.  Once pulled out of context and presented alone, the object emits qualities of fragility, vulnerability and individual beauty.  Every item I’ve drawn is meant to be closely examined.  In doing so, the discarded object is acknowledged by the viewer and therefore redeemed.

In creating my drawings, I often use a pencil, ballpoint pen or charcoal stick. These are the most humble and basic of implements.  Using these common tools, I create sensitive, exquisitely-detailed and somewhat abstracted works that not only cause us to look at the environment around us differently, but cause us to closely examine our own impact on that environment.

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Residency: October 2009 - January 2010
Art Exhibition: Friday, January 22  &  Saturday, January 23

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