An affinity for utilizing discarded materials to create artwork that will spark conversations on up-cycling has led me on a journey into trash matter transformation.  While these items of lesser value are vastly present, as an artist my mission is to reincarnate them into visible objects of worth, creating a new presentation of the old and forgotten.  Through reassigning value to discarded elements, my artwork engages with ecofeminism, a political movement that addresses ecological and feminist concerns as a radical strategy to deconstruct the patriarchal notions in our current society.

For my ongoing project, Repurposed Black-Endless (Negro Reutilizado-Sin Fin), I have been knitting VHS films into textiles, allowing the pieces to become an extension of handwork made by women.  The elongated veils fill the white empty space of the gallery, cascading and morphing into existence.  Although the intended purpose of the raw material is no longer of importance, new memories are created through these presentations.

There is no need for more when so much has already been made.  To make art out of what is available and redirect attention to less valuable objects is essential for creating change in our culture.

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Residency: February 2016 - May 2016
Art Exhibition: Friday, May 20  &  Saturday, May 21

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