I am fascinated by the great psychological investment that we make in creating “safe” places, despite the fragility of the environments that we live in.  In my work, I untangle and examine the complexities of need that exist within human relationships, and our relationships to the earth itself.  My sculptures and installations attempt to bridge gaps, and also, at times, to expose them. I mine the thin line between respect and exploitation, connection, and disconnection.

The tenuousness of our connections inform both the materials and concepts in my work. I work in both static and time-based mediums such as video, sound, sculpture, and installation. The outer layers of my sculptures, often dilapidated and deteriorating, protect frail interiors.  Each is subject to inevitable decay, like the human body, which I frequently reference. I use organic materials, building up layers in each sculpture.  The outer material layers may appear strong, but are, in fact, fragile and defenseless.

My own search for a safe place took me from England to Asia, then Australia and finally to settle in the US. The concepts which I explore are simultaneously viscerally concrete and at the same time fragile and elusive, in the same way my work attempts to bridge this gap, to span the tender space between desire and realization.

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