The ability to adapt in order to express one’s self most effectively, to convey ideas clearly, and to be sensitive to how an audience is receiving your information are the key elements of being both an artist and being a teacher. I like blurring the lines between these disciplines and have always considered myself both because I have worked as both. But also because what motivates me is my desire to maintain a balance of personal experience and inspiration (which I derive from this experience), with sharing and active social exchange.

In fact, one of my greatest sources of inspiration is the energy of social interaction itself.  I also think it is a fascinating time to investigate what kind of interactions exist today.  With communication and technology advancements, not only are different types of interactions available but also the ease and speed at which ideas are communicated and shared, both over long distances and cross-culturally, is both exciting and terrifying.  Most simply stated, my work attempts to encourage mediation on human social interactions. Because of this, a lot of my work is both performative and interactive.  I like to engage an audience through interaction, so scale, human presence, and oftentimes both sound and music, have become very important to me.

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