As a kid my mother and I would find and refurbish things like wooden chairs and tables.  Much of our time together was spent creatively.  She taught me how to paint walls, how to sand and stain wood.  She showed me how to sew and cut up our jeans to make pillows for the couch.  She was my best friend.  When she passed I began to take art classes as a means of coping. S ince then I’ve found myself continually returning to these same processes, finding useless objects that others may have forgotten and appropriating them outside of their intended use.

Although these processes remain staples within my practice, now I find myself investigating narrative, memory, and time through the lens of comfort, focusing on the emotional associations of the materials themselves.  My practice involves reorganizing, manipulating, and deconstructing spaces and objects.  I often utilize non-traditional materials like tobacco filters, dryer lint, and self recorded audio tracks for their communicative capabilities as tangible and emotionally charged mediums.  I am interested in how materials communicate feelings and illicit conversations and stories; how objects and spaces can speak of a history, be it fictional or a construction of the mind.

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Residency: February 2015 - May 2016
Art Exhibition: Friday, May 22  &  Saturday, May 23

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