I consider myself a process artist and it is often during the act of scavenging for materials that I meditate and develop the concepts for the work I am about to create.  I often leave the initial stages of my work open and uncertain while intuitively working out a resolution that will decide its final outcome based on the suggestive qualities of the medium and materials at hand.

Through my artwork and installations, I am visually narrating a beautiful dream battled by an undercurrent of destruction.  My goal is to take the viewer to a place where chaos meets peace and loose meets refinement while depicting the struggle to connect the awakened state to the desires found within.  Pulling from a repeating theme of symbolic imagery, the intent of my work is to create an honest reminder to pursue a life of significance and live out our dreams.

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Residency: September 2009 - January 2010
Art Exhibition: Friday, January 22  &  Saturday, January 23

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