As a kid, Ferris created comic books with the guidance of his two older brothers.  The three brothers would create their own stories with their own sets of characters.  Ferris found at an early age that he wanted to explore the characters that he was developing in his head. His mother was a schoolteacher who read to him often from her massive collection of children’s stories.  These stories inspired him to write his own multiple stories and he developed hundreds of characters, each one of them with some humorous ending. He became deeply interested in writing in high school and worked at a comic book store with one of his brothers, often opting to trade his salary for comic books. With such an intense childhood filled with storytelling and character development, it is simple to see why Ferris creates his artwork with such an interest in telling a story.

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Residency: October 2010 - January 2011
Art Exhibition: Friday, January 21  &  Saturday, January 22

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