In my sculpture installations, I create allegorical situations that reference the interconnections between man and the natural world.  A balance must be found and our sense of self must be expanded so that we see ourselves as enmeshed within the larger human and ecological community.  Ecological imbalance, environmental degradation are issues that I attempt to address through my art work.

Since my first days as an art student, my working process has included the use of salvage materials.  I collect discarded materials (society’s residue) and let them sit in my studio until I am ready to transform them into installation pieces.

I have always been fascinated by the cyclical rhythms of nature, which are constant reminders of change as the fundamental truth in the universe.  Although the natural world has the ability to heal and to regenerate through time, my feeling is that we are running out of time and our resources are diminishing.  As an artist creating works of art from waste-stream salvage, my hope is that I am contributing to a new awareness that challenges the old habits of uncontrollable consumption, so that we can be released from this man-made entrapment and allow for positive, new growth cycles.

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