As a child when I was told that I was an artist, I would always retort, “No!”

I like to make things.  I made my tools my paint.  I even used gumbo as a binder to mix some pigment I received from a sugar factory.  I have carved stone, wood and some very special bark from the Moubin tree.

All of the arts interested me and gave me my raison d’etre, my reason for being.  My art fed me sometimes physically, but always spiritually.  I worship life through art, with the simple insouciance of the new moss in the crack of the sidewalk, the persistent weed, and the ever-new and surprisingly versatile orchid.

I feel justified in believing that there is one life and we are just another manifestation of what has no odor, no color, no tangibility, but still manages to make a few chemicals, matter and water into a thinking maker of things.

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Residency: May 2006 - May 2006
Art Exhibition: Friday, May 26  &  Saturday, May 27

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