My works are influenced by my interest in modern mechanics and devices that we have become so reliant upon since the industrial and technological explosion over the last century, and even more so, the last few decades.  These interests are manifested through kinetic sculpture and installations, which evoke a sense of play and humor, whilst incorporating systems that deal with time, motion, energy, and space.  They are started by a distraction or reading that amuses me, it could be something quite minuscule or an everyday event.  I then take this observation and start a series of experiments and investigations.  As these investigations start to develop themselves, I decide which materials will suit my needs and start to pursue a more definite route.

I establish a strong dialogue within the work by drawing on primary experience, detached observation and creative experimentation. Interplay between the polarities of order and chaos, the geometric and the organic, and the planned and the spontaneous play a major roll in my sculptures and installations.  To draw attention to this excessive reliance on modern machinery, I incorporate simple mechanisms in tandem with household items and children’s toys, questioning their validity to their respective place in today’s society.  From here I plan to continue my commitment to experimentation, and my inquiry into devices, accoutrement, mechanics, and toys that continue to effect and clutter our everyday lives. All this, whilst trying to maintain a level of humor so fundamental to my work and life as a sculptor.

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Residency: February 2013 - May 2013
Art Exhibition: Friday, May 17  &  Saturday, May 18

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