Jeremy Rourke creates stop-motion animated films from vintage photographs and other ephemera.  With the look of bygone days come to life, but also incorporating bits of contemporary imagery, these short films are presented in tandem with Rourke’s musical compositions.  Singing and playing guitar with his films, Rourke’s live cinema performances connect to traditions of traveling road shows and small town entertainment in the early 20th century.

Rourke’s films have screened in festivals including the Budapest Short International Film Festival in Hungary and the Wimbledon Shorts International Festival in London.  He has performed live at the Houston Cinema Arts Festival and the Echo Park Film Center in Los Angeles, as well as at various venues in the Bay Area.  In 2011 Rourke was named “Best New Animator/Musician” by SF Weekly.   

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Residency: June 2014 - September 2014
Art Exhibition: Friday, September 26  &  Saturday, September 27

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