As a Chinese Canadian woman I encounter many dilemmas and questions concerning identity. Overwhelmed by the evaluation and gaze of many cultures, I struggle with mere existence. Within the fractured and collapsing elements of my work, I reflect upon experiences of conflict and violence. Motifs of decay, the morbid, and the grotesque come out of my attraction to abandonment and obsoletion. Nostalgia and an attachment to the past leads to my desire in collecting and preserving found objects as fragmented memorabilia. A curiosity for the unknown elements of my identity informs my obsession to seek and create substitutes for that which is missing. Bringing my personal struggles to the public realm, and the intangible to the material, my work reconciles all the pieces of myself.

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Residency: October 2016 - January 2017
Art Exhibition: Friday, January 20  &  Saturday, January 21

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