My work is a fusion of reuse/reclamation, industrial/product design, inventiveness, and humor. I take immense delight in re-animation, and have a strong interest in outdated technology, as well as a proactive stance concerning environmental issues, i.e., reuse/recycling/avoidance of unnecessary consumer activities.

I emphasize both the function and the aesthetics of the found objects as the final work of art in my sculpture, collage, and performative works. The objects/actions/performances I create with found materials disclose an art of experimentation, a melding of art and life, and a celebration of the mundane. Previously discarded items begin a new life, having been redesigned/reconfigured as tools, furnishings, musical instruments, or more conceptual/absurdist inventions. Often the found objects become a catalyst for an expression of failure: the artist rarely or never succeeds in truly re-animating or creating an invention of quantifiable value to our over mediated and high-tech culture. Instead he trades dreams of being “the next great inventor” for the status of “artist.”

My current and future projects include the creation of sculptures, instruments, and collage using materials such as golf shoes, Astroturf, pots and pans, harps, luggage, and miscellaneous hardware. Bring Your Own Big Wheel is an ongoing interactive performance race down Lombard Street using scavenged and hybridized children’s toys. Undergoing development are The Nolympics, a day long artist/absurdist/athletic event featuring an Exercise Bike Race, the Mattress/Futon Toss, the Shovelathon, and more.

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Residency: August 2002 - November 2002
Art Exhibition: Saturday, November 9

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