As a research-based, site-specific installation artist, I am interested in how a manufactured or created space can destabilize our customary expectations of and interactions with our environment. My investigations have led me to explore the symbiotic relationship between the human landscape and the natural environment. I am intrigued by the impact of global trade, patterns of consumer culture, and the aftermath of our consumption.

Currently, I am re-creating natural landscapes. The Garden Grows is constructed from the bi-products of our buy-product, disposable society. This series primarily uses plastics, paper, cardboard, and display materials that have been cast aside by retailers. The waste-stream generated from our consumer culture is immense and expanding with the release of each passing season’s wears.  The brand-name goods we recognize and covet emerge as the source materials used to create the work.

Our insatiable desire to purchase “beauty,” to own the “latest,” and to obtain the “new” has removed us from the natural cycle, an organic cycle of renewal, and has replaced it with one of consumption and waste.

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Residency: May 2012 - May 2012
Art Exhibition: Friday, May 18  &  Saturday, May 19

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