Kathy Aoki’s work addresses gender and pop-culture issues through approachable visual formats spiked with humor. Her most recent series, “The Museum of Historical Makeovers,” has roots in art history, beauty trends, feminism, and museology. Presented in a simulated museum setting, the project features immersive installations, ersatz historical prints, sculpture, photos, and mockumentary videos, providing a feminist commentary on today’s values. A humorous performance aspect as “museum curator” has developed from the ersatz museum work. With fictitious academic excellence, Aoki delivers authoritative lectures on the supposed historical works of art, connecting them with inventive theories.

For her upcoming Recology residency, Aoki plans to create large-scale, dimensional landscapes using waste materials from the cosmetics industry. Selfie spots and do-it-yourself beauty videos may play key roles in the resulting installations.

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Residency: October 2019 - January 2020
Art Exhibition: Friday, January 24  &  Saturday, January 25  &  Tuesday, January 28

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