I am a Brooklyn-based artist working at the intersection of painting, textiles, sculpture, collage, and installation. My goal is to innovate the field of contemporary abstraction by reimagining aesthetic power as empathetic, feminist, and ecologically conscious. I create large-scale wall-based sculptural installations and freestanding objects. My collage-based process combines painted acrylic surfaces with new, found, and recycled materialsMy work is maximalist, featuring layers of textured surfaces, bright colors, and unexpected materials. 

To create a new abstract aesthetic that is itself egalitarian and forward-thinking, I study visual power as it manifests physically, psychologically, and spiritually throughout culture.  I research historical systems of visual power across time, considering how color, method, material, scale, and compositional strategy create powerMy vision is to offer an alternative aesthetic to dominant western culture’s use of visual power as a promotion of patriarchal systems of gender and ecological oppression. I reimagine painting as a system of skins and structures which I materially reorganize into a non-hierarchical, three-dimensional abstract language. My aesthetic is inclusive, uniting materials, strategies, and histories of visual power across fine arts, craft, and architecture. 

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Residency: June 2016 - September 2016
Art Exhibition: Friday, September 23  &  Saturday, September 24

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