Encounters with others leave residual marks often invisible and within the confines of human memory. They become intrinsic to creating knowledge about the environments we inhabit adding to the ideological and emotional inheritances passed down through generations and often remain unexamined. I examine objects as a part of my methodology and as subjects for self-exploration and communal reflection. I attempt the challenging practice of employing the unsentimental and objective visual language of science to create portraits of objects chosen specifically for due to their unique and intimate emotional significance. Scientific photography is meant to be benign, transparent, and as a method to serve the function of documentation and classification. Each object, in visual isolation and away from a larger context, I aim to remove romantic or nostalgic narrative from the image. In the absence of visual cues that might enable an immediate value judgment, I seek to have each object assessed as objects of study.

Kija Lucas
Still, Life
Virtual Exhibition





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Residency: October 2021 - February 2022
Art Exhibition: Friday, February 11  &  Saturday, February 12  &  Tuesday, February 15

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