I use sculpture and painting as a means to reorganize and examine the hierarchy in mass visual culture.  I tinker with the visual allure of popular culture to help me gain control of its primal charm.  By doing this, I am able to profile the strengths and weakness of historical cultural archetypes, while developing a personal method and style within the painting and sculpture tradition.

My source material includes Pop Art masterpieces, classic Disney animation, comic book characters, and infamous tabloid celebrities.  I use the image area of my painting and the three-dimensional surface of my sculpture much like a surgical theater, as real life depictions and imaginary figures are combined, remixed and vivisected.  I impose distortions of scale and color separation to the subjects and surrounding surface areas in order to enmesh them in an uncertain, unpredictable realm.  Repetitive or multiple images in my work reflect the history of animation, Pop Art aesthetic, and the machinations of fame.

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Residency: June 2006 - September 2006
Art Exhibition: Friday, September 22  &  Saturday, September 23

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