Color and process play a primary role in my practice. Through painting, printmaking, paint-based sculptures and site-specific installations, my selection of color—a decision both personal and informed by everyday experience—mixes the internal and intimate with the world of received images and external encounters. I create color-based installations by gathering location-based palettes. For example, for Everyday A Color, a large-scale painting of the Outer Sunset, I sourced colors from blooming plants, sun-faded garage doors and other landmarks to create an abstracted, yet representative, portrait of the neighborhood. Each day, I painted the gallery a new color, leaving behind a stripe of the previous day’s hue. The repetitive act of (re)painting a space or surface each day becomes performative—revealing an archive of moments that intimately link process to the everyday—resulting in a kind of landscape painting about a place, for a place.

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Residency: October 2018 - January 2019
Art Exhibition: Friday, January 25  &  Saturday, January 26  &  Tuesday, January 29

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