As both a conceptual and figurative artist, my work explores cultural stereotypes and social mores. My work in metal and mixed media uses found, discarded, and recycled materials to create sculptural form.  Many of my pieces are a reflection of my emotional angst regarding social and cultural pressure.

The two areas I am most interested in are the creation of my vessels — which express and explore my need to answer “what is woman?” and “who am I?” — and my fascination with geometric forms.  While my vessels are female in nature, revealing the emotional gamut from reluctance and fear to joy and celebration, my geometric sculptures convey a masculine side that affirms my fascination with time and space, which integrates the primitive with futuristic simplicity.

All in all, my work continues to affirm my continual need to self-evaluate, confront and scrutinize society.

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Residency: January 2000 - April 2000

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