Hello, my name is Mansur Nurullah and I am 46 years old. The work I create is the result of my struggle to understand, interpret, and inhabit the complex landscape of the world that I find myself in. My works are constructions that are informed by the natural environment, architecture, memory, history, imagination, and process.

An important element of my practice is the collection of source material. The fabric materials that I use most often are discarded textiles, which I glean from local outdoor equipment producers. My art may also contain leather from abandoned couches, fallen road signs, upholstery samples, and disassembled elements of shoes and purses carefully placed by the curb for disposal. I collect rosemary, sage, eucalyptus, Mexican marigold, chamomile, and other aromatic plants to use between layers of fabric in my work. ‚ÄčThe sense of smell is often the catalyst for the recollection of memory and personal history, and I use it to self-soothe when I am worried or upset.

As I sew, patterns and shapes slowly emerge, providing a sense of direction for viewers and myself. The process is intuitive, with little or no planning involved. My re-imagined landscapes contain zones of refuge, and places of disorientation and exposure, but often contain helpful navigational clues to aid in escape, or resolution.

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Residency: June 2019 - September 2019
Art Exhibition: Friday, September 20  &  Saturday, September 21  &  Tuesday, September 24

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