Nunca No is a collaboration between two interdisciplinary artists, curators, and romantic partners: Charles Lee & Claire Dunn. They began collaborating on paintings as a way to learn about each other’s cultures. With Claire being from Argentina, and Charles, a Black man from the U.S., they focus on cultural differences and similarities that they are eager to learn about and incorporate into both of their daily lives, deepening their understanding of one another.

Lee originally a lens-based and assemblage artist, learned painting from Dunn. Dunn, originally a painter, learned about analog photography from Lee. Their work is about exchange and perspective. Dunn transforms cells into galaxies (or have they always been one and the same?).

Dunn’s artwork has been exhibited widely in Argentina and in the USA, including Fort Wayne Museum of Art and Berkeley Art Center. She has been an artist-in-residence at La Flecha del Arte in Argentina, and the Monson Arts Abbott Watts Residency Award in Maine, USA.  Charles Lee lingers on the delicate borders between interior and exterior, self and world. He has exhibited at Southern Exposure, / (slash), Palo Alto Art Center, Berkeley Art Center, amongst others. Lee is a recipient of Pabst Blue Ribbon’s Open Door Grant 2021, Murphy Cadogan Award 2022, and published in Oxford University Press. Both Lee and Dunn are MFA Candidates at CCA in San Francisco.

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Residency: February 2023 - May 2023
Art Exhibition: Friday, May 26  &  Friday, May 26  &  Tuesday, May 30

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