I am a father.  I am a husband.  I am a provider and subsequently a producer.  I am a consumer.  I am an individual and a number.

My work is a diacritic account of the residue of my participation in a system of mass production. Using time as a reference and materials gleaned from my own consumptive habits, the work investigates where private ritual and mass production intersect.

Vignettes of detritus chronicle what is most important to me as a new father: mindfulness, a sense of nurturing, devotion, love and providing a unique experience for my family by creating a meal.  What is also visible, are the remnants of what I try to avoid: the mass produced.

A six, month subscription to a daily newspaper is reduced to individual blocks.  Serial production works with the element of time to create a visual comparison of the mass of an item consumed.

I simultaneously assume the roll of consumer, producer, individual and number.  Through the examination of what is consumed I hope to spur people to question the roles they play in a system of mass production.

Photos and press release for this artist.

Residency: February 2005 - April 2005
Art Exhibition: Friday, April 22  &  Saturday, April 23

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