My artwork depicts cultural collapse: between producer and consumer, viewer and viewed, and simulated and real. I appropriate material, bend rules of consent, re-stage events, and invite viewers to alter my exhibited pieces.  These acts and products reflect a shift in cultural production – where ownership dips into a zone of ambiguity and image and sound is widely recycled.  I use video, installation, prints, sculpture and performance to express new forms of human imagination that spring from these shifts in media production.

Recently, I have been working with different concepts of space in environments such as Second Life, an online world with simulated physical space.  Here, I remediate iconic performances and realize “imaginary objects” as paper sculptures.  Traditional and new media collide then recombine into a hybrid form.  The notion of the original form sinks in wake of these acts. My work reveals how this media topography opens up new possibilities for human expression.

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Residency: February 2011 - May 2011
Art Exhibition: Friday, May 20  &  Saturday, May 21

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